Highly committed and passionate individuals with a cumulative experience of 25+ years with acquired knowledge and experience of setting up teams and building up businesses from the dirt.

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Commitment & Focus


People-First: The cognitive of our guiding principles is people, we strongly believe that our core competitive edge is and will always be resources. Our thoughts are channelized to understand our people’s concerns and device ways to engage with them so that they are valued, we continuously evolve and do give them opportunities to grow so that they can lead a better life.

Customer Centricity: We are committed and focus to learn about our customer’s needs, introspect and then implement the client’s recommendations. Via constant interaction with our clients and post-assimilation on their requirements. Once we have all the ticks on demand gathering checklist. The team put in sweat, energy, and actions to ensure the customer requirements are delivered on time.

Growth: XTPL, growth is our oxygen and entails two key drivers such as Clients and employees. Clients are imperative for any business to survive and people to drive the results. We identify the key business opportunities, put our resources into play, use our experience, and expertise in servicing the client requirement, fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship within the company.

Hustle and Nimbleness: Over two decades of cumulative experience and understanding of nuances of the business management works as an advantage for our clients. Capacity to address the business transformation, classify strategic opportunities, drive the team together and achieve results.

Execution: We are a progressive company which continues to challenge the status quo, always evolving and figuring out ways to improve our processes, better ways of communication and monitoring our service levels to consistently deliver the highest quality of service to our clients.

Building Leader: We believe every business interaction comes with a bag of opportunities, and our people gets the chance to harness these opportunities which helps them become a leader by self-monitoring parameters like ownership, accountability, time and results.

Display Integrity: We exuberate the highest standards of commitment, ethics and integrity.

Customer Care: For inquiries or any sort of assistance, please feel free to call us at +91 – 9810 – 432 -610 or email us at [email protected]. We value your time and happy to serve you.