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Things You Need to Know and We Know You Need

Employer Faq’s

Common questions asked during the hiring and staffing process!

  • 01. What kind of services does Xrillion offer?

    Xrillion Technologies offers a bouquet of services and solutions, customized and optimized on the client's demand. From digital marketing, resume writing, designing efficiency improvement plans, traditional temporary & contract staffing recruiting and placement, outsourcing, human resource consulting, customer communication management, and IT services. 

  • 02. How Do I Start Hiring?

    We feel every client is different, and so are business talent needs. Therefore, you can please connect with your business personnel and discuss your human capital requirements. Our expert team will understand your requirements and help you with the best permanent hiring or staffing solution.

  • 03. What are the benefits of doing business with Xrillion?

    Our team exhibits the right attitude, ethical behavior, and professional experience a unique combination of staffing and project delivery.Be sure to get benefitted from our partnership and services, as our expertise and experience can help our clients in many ways: - - Cost Savings - Large pool of resources - We work with the employers as well as with the candidates. - Better utilization of the resources. - High quality candidates .

  • 04. What does Xrillion Technologies charge for its HR Placement or Staffing services?

    Many factors influence the charges of our services, we suggest you to please speak with our experts to understand your business objectives, the impact of the business goals, and then how business goals are also transcending the human capital need.

  • 05. What is Xrillion's average response time when employer is requesting and raising hiring or staffing ticket?

    Our team carefully review the hiring request and consult with the client to understand the urgency of the requirements. Once we have gathered the required information from clients plus facts and figures, the response can vary from an hour to 24-48 business hours.

  • 06. What is Contractual Staffing?

    Staffing is the process of screening, shortlisting, and engaging potential candidates on a short term project coined as Staffing. Many times the employer higher can take the contractor on their payroll.

Need of Highly Qualified HR Personnel or Employment Opportunities